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My first project that I worked on after starting Kanju, It was a pretty fun feeling to be taking a step towards creating a career that got me excited. Obviously there was a lot that I learned from filming my first event, as well as getting out the 'first game jitters', but overall it was a great experience and the video turned out great too!


Liberty clipper

At Drake, we were offered a J-term, or a January term, which was a 3 week course that was offered on campus, or abroad. I chose to take Lead at Sea, that taught us about leadership in many different forms and concluded with the class testing our skills on a 130 foot tall ship, exploring the many islands of the Bahamas. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and I was able to see some incredible parts of the world, as well as film them.



After traveling with studentcity in the spring of 2016 to Nassau, Bahamas, and having the time of our lives, we went back through studentcity to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the 2017 spring break. While down there, I was using my drone to get some footage for my video and the official videographer came up and asked if he could use my drone footage for his video. Hope to work with them further into the future.