Here are some of the videos that I have created. They include some projects that I was compensated for, some that I did in an attempt to build this portfolio, some that I made for my personal accounts and then ended up being used for marketing purposes, and some just to document my life. I am proud of how far I have already improved my craft, and I am excited to see how much farther I can take it.

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Sisu strength academy

I have been working on creating marketing content for a gym in Waukee, Iowa. We created a series of interviews with the members of the gym to help showcase their stories as well as promote the gym's value and how it can help everyday people. We also created a short online ad that is used to be promoted online to show potential members that it can help everyone. It is a fun topic to create for and I am excited to continue working on projects with them.

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Iowa events center

I was able to get an internship at the Iowa Events Center and Wells Fargo Arena to help with marketing, social media, and creating content for their various marketing platforms. I was able to work on projects that showcased, the employees, history of the venue, catering, shows, seats, and promotions. What an amazing learning experience to be able to create content to promote so many amazing events.

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Drake football

As a player I wanted to create some content not only to promote my team but also in an attempt to capture memories that will be gone forever once I am done playing. Truly thankful to have the ability to make these videos so I can look back on the great times I had while also showing the world what it is like being