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Real Estate

Being able to showcase a home in such a way that would allow potential buyers to envision their lives taking place in its walls is something that I am aiming to do. Having videos to help sell a house is both beneficial for the buyer and a seller because the buyer is getting a better feel of the home before actually having to travel to the home and it is getting more eyes to the home online so the seller has a greater chance of selling quickly and to the right person.

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YMCA of Chicago

I was able to help create an online promotional video for an event that raises money for underserved youth in some of Chicago's most vulnerable neighborhoods, as well as capture the actual event to help drive more traffic in the future and therefore help more people

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best buddies iowa

An organization that creates programs in schools, companies, and other establishments with the intent to pair up people to then share experiences through adventures and activities to establish inclusion in our communities among all people