Chicago is leading the way in building a better future for us

I love Chicago!!

this is why

One full month back in Chicago and I can honestly say my love for this city has grown so much.

Despite the relentless rain, heading the wrong direction out of the L station for a few blocks, or the homeless man screaming about something when everyone was still trying to keep their eyes open, the effectiveness and beauty of Chicago beams more and more every day.

After perusing youtube as I occasionally do when I am struggling to focus or find creativity and inspiration, I came across a video from one of my subscriptions, the B1M.

Watching this video gave me so much pride to be from Chicago.

While I was born in Chicago and spent most of my youth here, I didn’t realize how much love I have for this city until now. Spending most of my days navigating different neighborhoods, coming across different pieces of art, various architectural masterpieces, and just feeling the energy of the people as I am walking down the street is cementing the passion I feel for continuing to add value.

This video came out at the absolute perfect time and resonated deeply with what I hope to see in the city I now live and work in.

For those of you who didn’t spend 8 minutes of your time getting jazzed about the future of our city, this video talks about the effort that Chicago is making to be a leader among all cities in the effort to curb climate change.  By leading the charge for the companies and individuals that reside here, the city aims to build a set of expectations and infrastructural frameworks that will allow for a greener and more sustainable way of life.

In doing so, the city is creating a variety of strategies that aim to cut down overall greenhouse gas emissions, with the goal to be powered entirely by renewable energies by 2040. The strategies focus on 4 main areas that have the biggest impact on climate changes effects on residents: improve energy efficiencies in the aging buildings, find effective ways to replace all energy supply with renewable alternatives through grid supported and individual property power systems, revamp transportation systems to provide a wide array of earth friendly transportation options, and increase the volume of plant based areas around the city.

I am just so excited to be in and from a city that is putting so much effort into improving the community for the people not only today, but in preparation of tomorrow. Watching this video confirms my feelings about moving back to Chicago, and encourages me to keep working to help it improve

I highly recommend taking 8 minutes out of your day and giving the video a watch to see how the city of Chicago,

my home,

is doing more, today.

written by Payson Wick, CEO and Creative Director at Kanju Media. After being a lifelong creative, the decision to pursue it as a career made the most sense after studying entrepreneurship and marketing at Drake University. Kanju Media is now here to use creativity and business oriented planning to help organizations share their stories and make a bigger impact on our local and global community