the mantra of my company and my life

I was about a week into my internship in the summer of 2017, and I was sitting at my desk just gathering data on likes and comments on various social media posts and accounts and putting it into an excel file. Something that AI can probably do a trillion times better and faster than me, right now. I was just miserable.

I had spent the previous semester in my entrepreneurship capstone planning out a drone media business, and the final key to being my own boss was a commercial drone license. That was the only thing holding me back from self-prescribed prosperity, in my perspective at the time of course. All I had to do was set up an appointment to go to the Ankeny airport in a strange side room and answer a few questions about airspace and wind currents and airport traffic patterns and what not.

Easy peasy.

But I couldn’t do it. I put it off for so long. I was terrified.

This would be the first real act towards this thing that’s existence had been entirely in my head. It was proof that I had made an attempt so I could never deny the potential failure. But sitting at my desk, losing my mind at the thought of this being the rest of my life, I wrote on my wrist ‘do it today’ so that I had to look at it all day and know that if I didn’t do it, I was failing myself and what I truly want.

So I did it. I took the test and passed. Formed an LLC, made a website, and got a little investment from family. And an abundance of other moments good and bad that have led me to this moment.

Kanju is a Nigerian proverb with the overall meaning surfing the concept of making the most of what you have right here right now. Do more, Today. Is the mantra of my company because it’s the mantra of my life. Sometimes you have to find a way to make it happen right now.

I am so happy I wrote that on my wrist that day and had to stare at the reminder that this moment is gone forever once it’s behind you, so you better make the most of it while you have it.

The commercial drone license wasn’t the one-way ticket to prosperity I had anticipated it being. I barely even do any drone work anymore. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and taken it easier than I probably should have at times. I don’t necessarily know where I am going, but I do know I have built up confidence that I have built a life that I will love living every second I have, and so I wanted this reminder to make sure I never lose sight of how awesome it is just to be alive.