our mission

Kanju Media was brought to life in June of 2017 with the intention of helping brands share the stories behind their passion.



a nigerian proverb that translates to reimagining challenges as opportunities to innovate


At Kanju, we utilize innovative media as a platform for your brand to tell its unique story. We give you the tools you need to communicate the benefits of your product or service and go one step further to build an emotional connection that engages consumers and invites them to be a part of your journey. 


tell a story

The amount of time it takes to share the stories that inspired you can add up fast, and you are limited by your voice and the ears in the room.

We want to invest time and energy into those stories and translate that emotion into video with a voice that has limitless reach.

Give yourself time to work on making an impact

We understand that it can be difficult to convey your passion while managing day to day operations.

Our aim is to build a connection with your organization to understand the passion that drives it, so that we can make impactful digital content to maximize your reach. In turn, your organization can stay focused on the day to day operations in order to deliver results.


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